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Things to Know : Wound Care

How long will it take to heal?

7-10 days depending on the area of the wound. Any residual redness will fade gradually over time. This will take the same time to heal as any other redness you may encounter from other injuries.

How do I take care of the wound so that it heals quickly without complications?

Please keep your wound covered until the wound has changed in appearance to be light pink and dried out. Apply Polyspirin and cover with a non-stick dressing such as Elastoplast or Bandaid products. As well, please change your dressings daily to avoid infection. Please keep your dressing as clean and as dry as possible. If it gets wet or dirty, please remove, wash the wound and change the dressing. 

What if I'm experiencing pain or complications from the procedure? 

You can take Advil, Aleve, or Tylenol. Do not take any ASA products such as Aspirin. If your wound becomes infected (persistent or increased swelling, pain, yellow discharge and/or redness) please contact us and we will see you as soon as possible. If you cannot reach us, contact your local physician.

Can I swim or exercise after the procedure? 

Please refrain from both until your wound is healed

When should I return to have the sutures removed?

Our clinic will advise you on when to return

How do I remove glue that is used to close my wound? 

Please do not scrub it off. Keep your wound open and dry. You may use light gauze dressing to protect the area from trauma. The glue will naturally slough off in about 5 days. 

I have received Liquid Nitrogen Cryotheraphy. What should I expect?

Your treatment area will take about 10 days to heal. It will first swell and redden and then start to scab. The scab will naturally fall off in about 7-10 days. You may wash your wound with mild soap and water. A dressing is not necessary except to protect it from trauma. Please do not swim or exercise until healing is complete. 

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