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Specialty :  Abnormal Blood Vessels

What are abnormal blood vessels? 

They are otherwise known as spider veins or broken capillaries located on the face (primarily the nose), body, legs and thighs. As well, cherry hemangiomas fall under this category and look like red dots on the arms, legs or anywhere else on your body.

What type of treatment will be used to lessen the spots/veins? 

We will be using a laser to heat and damage the inner lining of the vessel. After a month, the vessel will be re-absorbed by the body and will no longer be visible. 70%-90% of lesions can be removed in 1-3 treatments. 

Is it a problem if I have dark skin or a tan? 

No. Fourth generation laser light will be absorbed by the blood vessel and leave minor redness/bruising. 

What if my vessels are really small but still visible? 

This can still be done but with a different laser known as an IPL laser.

How much will it cost? 
Please book a consultation with us and we can discuss what is needed and associated pricing. Note all laser procedures will be performed by the Skinatomy clinic

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