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The Toronto Center For Advanced Skin Repair

Dr. Kevin Sliwowicz

beauty goes more than skin deep, but your skin is your best and most prominent feature, and that's where it all starts. let us help you put your best foot forward by enhancing the beauty you already have. 

About Us

About Us

bringing out the best in you

My name is Dr. Kevin Sliwowicz. I've been a part of many transformations since 1996, helping to fade scars and visible abnormal blood vessels. Being able to help others enhance one's appearance with my artistic vision is one of my favorite things in the world.


Self esteem can easily hang in the balance when one is uncertain about their appearance in regards to a scar or a mole, and I enjoy being able to help them discover how beautiful they are after having a mole removed, a scar faded or rediscovering a few years through non invasive rejuvenation. 

It never gets boring as each person is different, interesting, and it's a great challenge to help them achieve their vision. 

News and Updates


Dr Sliwowicz will be resuming cosmetic treatments starting Monday June 1st , 2020.

We will be taking recommended precautions to ensure a safe and sanitized environment for our patients.

If you are sick with any symptoms, if you have tested COVID + or are living with someone who has tested COVID + please reschedule your appointment when you are 14 days clear or public health gives you the all clear



Dr Sliwowicz will be moving his cosmetic practice as of July 1, 2018. He will no longer accept new ACNE patients but will continue to service his current patients at Skinatomy Laser Clinic at 2445 Yonge St

News and Updates

Contact Me

To set up an appointment please call our office. All other inquiries please use the contact form below. 

If you are looking for a telephone prescription refill please email us with

  1. The prescribed medication you need refilled

  2. Updated health card information including health number and 2 letter version code, as well as expiration date

Telephone prescription refills are now covered by OHIP in response to the COVID -19 pandemic

Tel: 416-932-3100

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