Laser Hair Removal

At long last a new laser treatment offering a safe alternative for permanent hair removal. Temporary treatments like shaving, tweezing or waxing are cost effective in the short term but the blades, creams and esthetician costs will eventually add up.

Electrolysis is a permanent treatment involving the passage of an electric current down individual hair shafts to destroy hair follicles. However, electrolysis is a lengthy regime, which can be compared to mowing the grass, one blade at a time. It requires many treatments before optimal results can be obtained and cannot eliminate ingrown hairs.

Electrolysis is best suited for those with just a few hairs that need removal. Hairs in difficult to remove areas (around the eyes, in the ears) or those with very light or white hair that the laser cannot remove.

The new fourth generation laser design like the Coolglide offers the safest and fastest treatment so far for effective permanent hair reduction. Older lasers operated on shorter light wavelengths. In dark skinned or tanned individuals, treatments were associated with a significant risk of burns associated with blisters and, subsequent scarring. The new Coolglide Excel has been approved for use in all types of skin including dark and suntanned skin. It utilizes long wavelengths of light not absorbed by the skin surface and can penetrate further than the old lasers so deeper hair roots and ingrown hairs are more effectively treated.

If you are thinking about Laser Hair removal here are some important facts to consider:

      Is it safe for my skin type?
Not all lasers are safe for all skin types. Older low wavelength lasers could not treat dark skinned or tanned individuals. The new 4th generation lasers like the Coolglide are the only lasers approved for treatment of all skin types

      How many treatments will I need?
Most patients require 4-6 treatments to permanently reduce hair growth by 70- 90%. Treatments are done 4-6 weeks apart. 

      Is Laser hair removal effective for all hair types?

Although effective for all types, optimal results are obtained with more darkly pigmented hair. 

      Is it painful?

No hair removal procedure is completely pain free. The Toronto Centre for Advanced skin Repair makes use of a combination of three techniques to attenuate any discomfort. Our treatment specialists will use the Zimmer Cryo5 Cooling unit to significantly reduce any pain associated with this treatment. In addition, the Coolglide laser employs a special cooling handle that removes large areas of hair per pulse, so treatments are faster and more comfortable. Finally, topical anesthetic creams can significantly reduce any discomfort associated with treatments. 

      Is it cost effective?
It is in the long run. Consider the money you spend on waxing or electrolysis, the time you spend shaving, threading or tweezing. Avoid recurrent infections from ingrown hairs and scars from electrolysis. 

      Who will be taking care of my treatment

A trained nurse or medical esthetician will perform your treatment. Both will be under the direct supervision of the physicians Dr Sliwowicz or Dr Manzig