Clearlight Acne Photo-clearing System


Introducing a new and effective acne treatment system that clears your skin quickly Clearlight1and safely.

The Clearlight acne photoclearing system uses a metal halide lamp that emits a homogenous narrow band illumination at a wavelength of 405-420 nm (visible blue light).

The light is UV free and therefore there is no risk of sebaceous gland damage, sunburn, and sun induced aging or skin cancer.

The P.acnes bacterium responsible for causing acne produces porphyrins as part of its normal metabolism. The blue light stimulates the porphyrins to release oxygen radicals that kill the acne bacteria

Patients are treated once a week for 25 minutes. The treatments are comfortable absolutely pain free and are without any side effects. All our patients are able to resume their normal activities immediately after treatment.

Typically improvement can be expected after about 3 treatments and significant clearing is seen after about 8 treatments.

Studies to date have shown:

    * 20% of patients will get complete acne clearing with the Clearlight alone.
    * 70% of patients will get 50-70% clearing.
    * 10% will get less than 30% clearing.

With the addition of appropriate topical medication the clearing rates are higher and faster.