AFA Clay-Peel

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Introducing a new gentle yet effective treatment in skin care. The AFA Clay-peel is a gentle effective treatment designed to remove fine lines, acne scars and pigment irregularities. The AFA Clay-peel is particularly suited and effective in the treatment of pigments and scars in acne prone skin and those with sensitive skin. It is one of the most effective pore tightening treatments we know.

The treatments are done in our clinic and involve a 2-step process. In step one, a clay mask pulls oil and sebum away from the skin to maximize the effect of the amino acid applied in step two.

There is virtually no irritation or pain associated with this treatment. Great for all skin types and colors. For those who cannot tolerate laser or other facial resurfacing treatments (because of excess pain, significant acne flares or long recovery times), this is our recommended treatment of choice.

The recovery times are very fast. Time for redness resolution ranges from just a few minutes to a few hours

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